have to start somewhere


It is 9:06 am on Saturday, July 22. As of today, it has officially been three weeks since I kicked my foot against the wall and broke my toe. We are halfway through 2017, and even though I’ve done a lot so far this year, it hasn’t actually been that productive in my opinion.

I really want to make a blog. I really want to post things and make content, I love to write and make films.

“How To Start A Blog” is currently my number one search on Pinterest, YouTube, and just all of the internet in general. But I’m at this point where I just feel like everything has been done before, and even though I know that’s probably not true, I still feel as though any topics that I want to explore or write about have already been written by people much more knowledgable than I could ever be.

So what’s the point to all this? Well, I’m still going to just do my thing anyway. I’m about to move into my own studio apartment in a city somewhere in the United States, I go to college full time, work part time, and drink a lot of coffee. I’ll be twenty years old this year, and I feel like I have a lot of information in my head that I want to put somewhere.

Here we go.

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