every morning


I’ve heard a lot about these “morning routines”.  To me, it just seems like a set pattern of habits or tasks that are supposed to help you be more organized and productive in the morning.

I tried it. I tried following what at first seemed to be a relatively simple schedule, but later proved to be very difficult. I was more stressed, because I kept trying to tell myself “but wait, this worked for all these other people, so it must work for me!”

It didn’t. I gave up after five days and haven’t tried again since. Sometimes I sleep in far too late, and then don’t even feel like trying to be productive. On other days my body just decides to wake up somewhere between 4:00 and 5:00 am, and I make the mistake of turning on my phone or my computer to watch “just five minutes” of a Netflix show or  a YouTube video. Then it’s 7:30 am, my real alarm is going off, and I’m tired again, but now I actually have to get up.

But I usually don’t.

Depending on the day and what exactly I have going on, (I really only have to go to work and go to school) I’ll decide when to get up. I’ll somehow have breakfast, get myself ready, throw everything into a bag and leave.



I know that I can be so much more productive if I just get up and get things done. So I’ve decided rather than to construct a set “schedule” of when each task must be completed by, I’ll just write down everything I’d like to accomplish each morning…

  • Drink a large glass of water. This is a habit I already have instilled everyday, and I have to say, it has helped me so much.
  • Take a shower (or a bath, like I said, I don’t really have any set schedules, and taking a bath in the morning is such a lovely feeling)
  • Stretch and work out a bit
  • Eat breakfast while picking out clothes and packing bag
  • Finish getting ready, brush my teeth, and head out the door

If getting up and writing out your dreams, practicing yoga, or going for a run are essential habits to your morning, then make sure you fit them in! If they aren’t, then do not feel obligated. Not everyone is a morning person, and there are no specific guideline as to what should be done every single morning.

I’ve heard laying out your clothes and packing your bag the night before makes it easier in the morning, but that system doesn’t work in my brain. By packing my bag and picking out my clothes in the morning, I’m more in tune to what I really need to bring or wear. Also, I have to stretch in the mornings to get my blood moving, and I need to eat breakfast so I stay full until lunch.


Start by finding the best five things that work for you every morning, and make them simple. From there, you can go into making a more detailed morning routine (like I hope to do). By clearing up your mornings, you do not have to feel rushed and obligated to do things.


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