I’m moving to my new place on Sunday. As in…five days from today.

Ha. I’m so not ready.

Why am I not ready? Well because I thought I had more time (and originally I did, as I wasn’t supposed to move in until the second week of August).

But more time for what?

More time to put all of my things and belongings into boxes. More time to fold clothes I don’t even wear to ensure they don’t get wrinkled in transport. More time to carefully wrap dishes I forgot I had so they won’t break. More time to wrap photo frames that don’t even have pictures in them.

I have so much stuff. I’m worried that five whole days won’t be enough time to pack everything.



I’ve read and watched plenty of videos about decluttering, minimalism, and just the general practice of getting rid of stuff. I read “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo, and let me tell you, that book was inspiring, I highly recommend it. But it hasn’t been enough. I’ve given away some things here and there, but I’m still worried that 120 hours (five days), won’t be enough time to pack. I don’t want to have this feeling anymore.

I’ve decided that I’m going to give away more things than I bring with me, and literally count, item by item, every single thing that I move. I’m pretty excited honestly. The ideal goal would be that the number of items I am bringing with me is less than the items I am giving or showing away.

Let’s go…

(Also…I hope you enjoy that photo of the palm trees. I took it on the beach early in the morning like two years ago, and it was lovely.)


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