august goals

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I’ve literally procrastinated the first seven months of this year. I made my January goals, planned things out, and like usual, everything fell apart. I did accomplish some things however, such as finishing up my first year of college, transferring to a different college, and getting a job.

But…I’m not any more physically or mentally stronger than I was seven months ago, and that’s a bit disappointing to me now. Since I’ll be entering a new college program in the fall, I’ve decided to embrace this month (broken foot and all) and truly take the time to make some positive changes.

Some of my goals for this month are to…

  • …fully commit to being vegetarian. I know that some people have made the transition over night, but I have been on and off vegan/vegetarian for the past few months. I really want to make this change more permanent. I have cleared out all of the non-vegan and vegetarian food from my apartment, and am excited to make this change this month. I am mostly vegan, but I would like to at least be 100% vegetarian.
  • …work on my art and my skills. I love drawing, writing, filming, photography, singing, dancing, playing piano, and reading. I really want to work more on all of things, just to develop my talent and skills.
  • …really get this blog off the ground! I have a few great ideas for some things I want to write about and share.
  • …get back into working out daily. I’ve come up with a pretty great plan that I’m excited about.
  • …some super random personal stuff that would bore you because honestly it bores me but I really do need to floss more.


Let’s go August…


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