decluttering pt. 4



I am officially out of the old apartment, completely moved into my new studio, and feeling great!

I got rid of so many things…from pieces of furniture to clothes to books and even coffee mugs. I love my new space, it finally feels like a home.

It’s so shocking to me that I went from having so many items and feeling rather alright about myself to having less items and feeling wonderful. I finally feel as though I have enough free time and space to begin on all of the goals and dreams I have.

Reminder…your body, mind, and soul all need space to work, process, create, learn, and grow. Don’t fill them with worthless thoughts, negative emotions, painful relationships, or harmful nutrients.

(Also…should I post some photos of my new place?)


  1. I’m really enjoying your blog at the moment! The posts you make a very helpful and I can’t wait to see more. For the time being, I’m going to follow you and see what’s to come. If you don’t mind, please give my blog a look for similar kind of posts! :’)

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