coffee shop

I have a slight infatuation with coffee shops. They make me very happy, calm me down, and really help me to focus, just because there are other people around. I love to watch other people do simple actions, that I myself do often. Things such as taking a sip of hot coffee, unfolding a few crumbled bills at the register, or carefully ripping open a sugar packet so that the sugar does not fly all over the place.

It’s odd to me just how complex we can make our lives, when in reality, our lives are really just very simple tasks that we complete in order to accomplish larger bigger things, and those all roll together and that’s it, you’ve got a college degree, a marriage, a job, or whatever you’ve been working towards. And sure, it’s a really satisfying feeling to accomplish a large goal in your life, but you probably stressed out a lot about it along the way (I know I do).

But why? Why do we worry about so much about every little thing when we know, deep inside, everything will work itself out in the end?

It’s because we don’t. We don’t know that everything will be okay. There’s always that possibility of “what if”. Like….what if I sip my coffee and it burns my tongue? Granted, the consequence in this situation isn’t so bad, the worst that could happen is that you burn your tongue just a little, but that’s alright, you’ll heal eventually. Other situations in life have much larger consequences if their “what ifs” actually happen. What if you go to college for the wrong major and it costs thousands of dollars in debt? What if you sign a contract for a phone plan, but a new phone comes out the next day? What if you buy a house and tornado comes through and destroys it, but for some reason, you don’t end up in Oz? What then?

You’ll still be ok, believe it or not. It might get rough, it might mean pinching pennies, asking for favor, or getting a job. But you’re still ok, because hopefully, you’re not taking any “what if” situations with life threatening consequences (please don’t, your life is worth it). Anyways, here are some little tips and tricks on what has helped me me to have less stress on the little tasks of life so I can focus my energy towards helping other people and moving myself forward.

  • Take your time. Yes…in order to move faster, one must move slower. I’ve found that the longer I take to work on a project, the better the result is. On the other hand, I have also discovered that quick decisions are my best friend, because I don’t spend a lot of time thinking, so I always go with the first choice that my mind presents to me. So find the things and the areas in your life where you feel that you need to slow down and take a second.
  • Write things out, and don’t be afraid to start over. Whatever helps you get your thoughts out of your head, do it. When you have too many things in your head that you are trying to juggle, it can make everything else feel like just one extra thing that will weigh you down. Draw, write, plan, journal, dance, sing….whatever you need to do to release the words in your head. I love to write, but have a pretty bad habit of constantly buying new notebooks (though I did just get a new one today and I will stick with it) just to have a “clean slate” for all of my thoughts that are somehow “better” because I started a new notebook. Weird right? Sticking with a notebook and using it daily is an area of my life where I really need to work on my commitment.
  • Make yourself important. You are important. You getting enough sleep every night is so incredibly important. You eating good and healthy food to power your body through the day is also very important. Just all of you in general is super incredibly wonderfully and awesomely important.
  • SAY NO. If there is a single doubt in your mind that the task you’re attempting might be too much for you to handle, or if you’re looking at the person who is asking you to complete the task and you’re just nodding your head and wondering when and how all of everything will get done…yeah, you should just say no.
  • Break it all down. Write out your extra large goals, then break those into large goals, then break those large goals into medium tasks, then break those medium tasks into small tasks, then break the small tasks into extra small tasks.   You’ll be able to tackle thing much easier than if you had just gone at a medium or large goal. Of course, there are a few obstacles that might come up along the way, but if you take those obstacles and break them down too, you’ll be able to overcome them. Here is one example:
    • Extra large – Graduating college
    • Large – Doing well and working hard in college
    • Medium – Getting into college
    • Small – Applying to colleges
    • Extra small – Researching, visiting, and speaking with different colleges

You can do it, you can start with a single step and run a whole mile.

“your body is a museum of natural disasters can you grasp how stunning that is” -Rupi Kaur (milk & honey)

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