yes, you can be high everyday

I hope that title is as funny to you as it is to me.


You can be high everyday…and no, I don’t mean on drugs, I’m talking about being high on life and happiness.

For a lot of people, being “high on life” is a feeling of being present in a moment that is incredibly enjoyable. It usually brings a lot of emotions such as happiness, pride, joy, and euphoria, and there tends to be a heightened sense of awareness. “High on life” moments tend to occur when there is a spark, connection, a moment of inspiration, a sense of gratitude, or upon completion of a personal goal. Unfortunately, these moments don’t happen often enough in our everyday lives (at least for me they don’t). I love being happy and the feeling of being aware, present, and productive. I’ve been striving to reach these feelings every single day, and hopefully, in almost every single task I do. Of course, there are moments of anxiety, sadness, depression, anger, and frustration, and one must feel these emotions in order to truly understand oneself and overcome any negative situations (you can read more about that here).

These are the 10 habits I have begun incorporating into my life just to be high:

  1. Acceptance. This has by far been the hardest change I have made for myself. It is so difficult to truly accept all of your traits, faults, mistakes, and the work that you produce. Often, we tend to shy away from claiming something was our doing, because we are afraid of a negative reaction. I have really begun to accept all of my actions, and it has allowed to really become honest with myself and others.
  2. Gratitude. There are many different ways to show, express, and record gratitude. You can write down one or a few things that you are grateful for everyday in a notebook, on your phone, or on your computer. I personally prefer to just think of a few things that I am grateful for every night before I fall asleep, and occasionally journal about them.
  3. Gossip. It is so easy to see negative parts of a person but it is difficult to see the positive. When you find out that someone is talking behind your back, it isn’t easy to just smile at them the next day. By reminding yourself to be happy, you’ll actually become happier. Yes, this person might be saying mean things about you, but rather than stooping down to their level, you’ll be a lot happier if you simply smile, give yourself some distance from them, and continue to move forward. Taking the high road is always the best option, and by avoiding confrontation, you’ll also avoid drama, which is really just a whole mess of bad emotions. Now, there are some times when you do need to confront someone, and when those moments happen, the best thing you can do is ask if you can talk to them alone, in a quiet, neutral area. Start by hearing their side, then explain how you feel. If you reach a compromise, great! Now, if the conversation starts to get heated, you’re talking in circles, and you can’t reach a compromise or even agree to disagree, then apologize to the person, forgive them, and move on. Never apologize for yourself or your actions, (unless you were truly wrong, this is where the acceptance I was talking about earlier comes into play), just simply say (with sincerity, not a smug tone) “I’m sorry we can’t reach a compromise or agree to disagree. I wish you the best in the future” AND THEN LEAVE. They will be shocked, you’ll be taking the high road, and you’ll be away from all that drama and gossip. When have distanced yourself, go ahead and mentally forgive the person for their actions. Harboring grudges or negative emotions will not make you happy, and might cause you to gossip, so just forgive, forget, and move on.
  4. Don’t cause drama yourself. Again…pretty much the same as number three, but with yourself. Gossiping is a waste of time, and someone might get hurt. There’s really no need to even begin gossiping, but if you do, try to stop as quickly as possible. If you find yourself with a person or a group of people that are gossiping, attempt to change the subject or move away. Always try to find the positive in people, and you’ll find the positive in yourself.
  5. Invest your time. Investments are a big deal in today’s economy, and making a good investment can really pay off. Possibly the cheapest investment you will ever make is to invest your time. Pick the things, people, and events that are important in your life, and decide how much of a time and emotional investment you’ll be able to make, then stick with it. It’s really easy to become swayed into caring for someone, taking on a project you don’t have time for, or doing things that aren’t really your cup of tea. Invest your time wisely, find the best ways for you to be productive, and the results will show. This brings us into…
  6. Prioritize. Like investing your time, prioritizing everything in your life will not only help you be more productive, but it will help reduce stress. I personally like to write out all of the important things in my life, such as school, work, my relationship, me time, personal goals, friendships, family time, etc., then just number in them in order of what is most important to me at that moment. I do this about once a month, and it really helps to remind me what areas of my life are important, and how to plan out my upcoming month more effectively. Also, prioritize yourself. Do things that make you happy, but don’t involve other people. For example, I really enjoy cooking food and sharing it with friends and family, but that isn’t really something for just me.
  7. Re-organize. There’s 1,001 videos on organization, minimalism, and different ways to declutter your stuff. It’s true that by cleaning up your space and becoming more organized, you feel so much more encouraged to get things done. I just moved and did a massive decluttering of all my belongings, and it made me feel so great.
  8. Write and plan. I have my own little planning and journaling system (let me know if you want a post about that) but you truly need to figure out what system will work for you, and don’t be afraid if it changes! There are a lot of different planner options, from bullet journals to traditional monthly calendars, and everything in between.
  9. Get into your feelings. It is easy to sort of shove our feelings aside to deal with them later, and sometimes you have to just for the sake of the situation you are in, but then you forget to deal with them later, then the feelings all build up and you start to get really upset and stressed and overwhelmed and then you have a breakdown and things just start getting worse and you can’t deal with it and then you’re stuck in a rut and it goes on and on like this sentence is going on and on right now. Exactly. Deal with your emotions as soon as you can, and in the means that work best for you, but please don’t ever hurt anyone else or yourself.  A lot of people think that you can address your emotions through art, excercise, writing, talking to a therapist, going out with some friends, or just have a coffee date with yourself, and yes, these are great ways to recover from big emotions, but in order to recover, you need to first address the emotion. I am not an expert but this is how I address my emotions when they are a lot for me to handle. I first like to find a place where I can be totally alone with my thoughts without any distractions such as music, television, my phone, or other people. Then, I like to close my eyes and imagine the situation or thing that caused the emotion, and think of how I felt during that time and how I reacted. I breathe in and out slowly, and let the emotions wash over me, then let them go. I occasionally write or journal about the situation, and clear my mind. Then, if I need to, I apologize to anyone that I feel as though I hurt or upset, and forgive myself.
  10. Be happy. That’s it. Smiling releases endorphins, so smile like a lunatic all the time, find the things and activities that make you happy, and let yourself shine. Don’t hold back and don’t be afraid of being loud.

What are some things that make you feel high on life?


  1. Definitely my favorite post that I have read this month! I loved the title so much- it was funny and grabbed my attention. Also, I completely adored your writing style and everything said in this post💕

    Liked by 1 person

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