you don’t need everything for college

Yeah I get it, you want your space to look cute, you want it to feel like home, and you want to be surrounded by things you love. But, if you’re sharing a room with at least one other roommate or even if you have a room to yourself, you probably have a pretty small space to work with.

Trust me.

You do not need to bring five different candles, a bunch of printed pictures, little decorations, and a ton of stationary. You do not need to fill your bed with decorative pillows because honestly…where are they going to go when you sleep? Most college dorms have a twin XL bed, which let me tell you, is not big enough for you to sleep with five pillows and a blanket.

You will accumulate so many things over your first semester. You will go out with friends, take more photos, go shopping, find new candles, get posters from concerts, and on top of all of this, your style will change. I promise.

Before you leave for college, look around your current room. You might have trophies, photos, books, or other mementos, but think about it. You’ve accumulated all of these things over the past YEARS of your life! You’re about to go into college and you’ll be spending at least one semester there, but probably more like a few years. You will make so many new memories. As you look around, think about the things that bring you joy. Do you have a favorite family photo or stuffed animal? Consider taking those, but not four stuffed animals or eight framed photos. You don’t need to bring fifteen bottles of nail polish because they do take up space in a small dorm, you can buy more, and chances are, you’ll be able to borrow from new friends!

Next, think about the things you genuinely enjoy everyday. One thing that was super important for me to take with me when I left for college was my teddy bear. I make my bed every morning and put him right on top of my pillows, and he reminds me of home.

Also, you do not need to be prepared for evervy single emergency that might just happen. A box of band aids and a bottle of Advil will be just fine. You might be moving out on your own, but you will technically still be living in a building full of people.

And yes…big, deep rugs are super comfy and soft, but they can be difficult to vacuum, crumbs get buried in them (try super super hard not to eat in your bed), and bugs can burrow in them! Bugs are a real problem, no matter where you go to school.

Don’t be scared to be unprepared. You will have many people to help you and time to go get things.

I’m going into my second year of living alone and I can’t think of a single decoration or memento I brought from home that by now I haven’t brought back home or given away.
It’s scary to leave but there are only so many more adventures coming your way!
What’s one thing you brought to college that you didn’t need, but are glad you brought?

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