college life lessons 101

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And so my first week of college is done.

Well, not really my first week. This is technically my second year of college, but it was my first week at my new school. It was fun, I had a great time, I’m ready for next week, and I learned a lot of things such as…

  1. Always have a pencil. Seriously. You may be the most organized person in the world, but just throw an extra pencil in your bag because there will be that moment when you really need a pencil and your professor is staring you down and the closest person to you is asleep so you can’t ask them.
  2. Always have a snack. Same thing as the pencil but way worse. You need need food. And really no one wants to share their food so just always have a granola bar with you.
  3. Ask questions but don’t ask stupid questions. If you generally do no understand a concept or a lecture, then of course, ask away. But if you find yourself raising your hand to ask what time the class is, you need to stop.
  4. Find time for yourself. You can’t learn, get stronger, or stay focused if you aren’t taking a little time to have some alone time. If you share a dorm or live with a roommate and can’t have alone time in your space, then go somewhere. Find a park, library, or study room where you can do your thing, whether that is a hobby or simply reading. Anita from her blog Live Your Truth wrote a fantastic post on how to be creative, and I love all of her ideas! You can check out the post here.
  5. Be organized! There are so many important assignments and events you need to remember. I personally use a paper monthly planner, a bullet journal, and the digital calendar on my phone. Samantha, over at Barry Chic, wrote an awesome post on how to use both a digital and physical planner! You can see that article here.

There are a lot of other important tips, tricks, and life lessons for college. Amanda from her blog, Amanda Bixler, has a wonderful post about things that college students need. You can check out that post here.

What are some tips you have for college?


  1. Haha the snack tip is so good! So many times I’ve been in a lecture totally unable to focus cos I ran there right after waking up and didn’t get to eat breakfast. You probably won’t get in trouble for eating at uni, unlike in school, so I would so say take advantage of it lol

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