if vs when goals

So I had this thought about goals. I’ve been working really hard on self-development and goal setting recently. There are many different types, such as personal, work, future, and daily goals. But I had another thought…what about “if” and “when” goals?

“If” goals are goals that might happen. They are things that we want to happen one day, that we dream about, that we save every penny for. They are the sort of goals that we can’t put an exact date on, we just know we want them to happen, around this and this time, or when we have this and that settled, or when we reach a certain age. One of my if goals is to travel to a country by myself for a week or so.

“When” goals are the goals we count on. These are the goals that we know will most likely happen, and most of the time, we have a very specific date or time frame in which we want this goal to be achieved. One of my “when” goals is to get my master’s degree.

You can plan for both types of goals and make the realities. The best way to do this is to write out the goal, then just break down what you need to achieve this goal. Now, break down the larger tasks, and get to work!

What are some of your “if” and “when” goals?


  1. this is an interesting way of looking at it…I like it… some of my if goals include losing weight… stop procrastinating, hmm…when goals… when tomorrow comes it will see for itself…lol okay i’m kidding, but I struggle from time to time with procrastination and discipline when it comes to losing the few that I packed on from eating when I’m bored…

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