There’s an expression that’s pretty popular, it’s called “YOLO”, and stands for “You Only Live Once”. A lot of people take this to mean that they should try everything that comes their way, good, bad or indifferent. The problem with this is that if we take every drug we are offered or go out to every event, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish all the things we hope to do. “YOLO” should be said with a grain of salt. You really only live once, so make the most of it by being the best you can be.

  • Set timers. Force yourself to work for an hour, then take a fifteen minute break. Make yourself sit down and read for half an hour, then dance around for ten minutes. Grab a great pen, make twenty flashcards, then take ten minutes to make a cup of coffee. Find the time allotments that work for you.
  • Make a to-do list, and prioritize what needs to get done.
  • Feel good about your space that you are working in. Clean up your room, your desk, your office or wherever else you work.
  • Turn everything off. Try it, even just once. You might think you work best with music or the television on, but try working in different environments, like in a coffee shop, outside in a park, or even just in a different area of your living space.
  • Relax, and take care of yourself. How can you possibly accomplish anything if you haven’t showered or eaten a proper meal?
  • Speaking of food…don’t load up on junk. Healthy food has a big pay off to brain power. I love to drink sweet tea, but now I mix it with unsweet tea, just so it is a bit healthier.
  • Figure out which events are the most important for you to go to. As important as it is to go on adventures, if you are out every night, there is no way you could possibly be getting enough sleep to be accomplishing everything you need to during the day.
  • Change what makes you happy. I’ll admitted it…I’m a Netflix and YouTube addict. Recently I’ve realized that if I change what makes me happy, I can accomplish more. I need to be writing reviews on certain musicals, plays, and movies, so I watch those instead. Yes, I have to force myself to watch them because I would much rather be binging on Parks and Rec, but it is better for me to be watching things that will pay off later.


Try. Just try. Force yourself every now and then. Get over yourself. Don’t go crazy, but be smart. You know your limits. Find them, look at them, and figure out if it would be safe to push them. It is not safe to try drinking and driving, but it is safe to see what happens if you wake up thirty minutes earlier in the morning to go workout. At the end of the day, you are the only person you have, so push yourself a little harder. Make yourself proud, and do everything you dream of doing, because nothing is impossible





  1. Great list and good reminders! A few years ago I made a resolution to say yes anytime anyone asked me to do something as I needed to break out of my staying home habit. After a year, I realized I then needed to decide what I really wanted to do and only agree to those:)


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