the art of being an artist

“An artist is someone who can hold two opposing viewpoints and still remain fully functional.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

In this day and age, there are thousands, if not ten of thousands ways to make art. There are so many different forms and definitions to the word art, that for me to even try to attempt to describe it, I would be sitting here writing all day. In short, I believe that art is something you make, something you’re proud of, and something that was developed from an idea, feeling, thought, or emotion, and has an intention.

But how, with the millions of videos on YouTube, the insanely popular Instagram accounts, and Pinterest, do we create things that stand out? How do we get our late night sketches in an art gallery? When we will find our novel on a bookshelf in a local book store? What station do we turn on to hear our song on the radio? Who deems things as worth of being popular or able to pull in a profit?

Society does.

Pleasing everyone in society is unachievable. You can be a slave for the grade, but still not have a job after you graduate. Sure, you can do really well in your job or at school, but when do you do well for yourself? When do you start drawing people to you for the art you create?

If we constantly continue to create, develop, work and progress, we are artists. You can make that change to become an artist. It does not have to be major, you don’t need to open your own business or quit your job and paint for the rest of life. Try little changes, such as:

  • Go to classes. Whatever your interests are, see if you can find a class nearby, or even online.
  • Write it out. There is no reason to be afraid of your dreams, art, or ideas. You don’t have to show your writing to anyone, just get it out of your head.
  • Try multiple things, but try them for a good amount of time. You will not become very flexible for dance if you only stretch for a week. Everything takes time.
  • Commit. Let’s say you want to write a novel about a secret spy, and there is a scene where the spy is shooting a gun. In order to accurately write this scene, you’ll need to do your research on different types of guns, bullets, and fighting techniques. However, additionally to that research, it might benefit you to go to a shooting range and actually try it out yourself.  If you want to become a better painter, then paint or sketch everyday.
  • The in-between moments, the ones where you are sitting on the train, waiting in a doctor’s office, or just relaxing at home are the perfect little moments to write about the world around you. Notice the details, they can only help.



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